Coronavirus Update

To our valued customers,

We hope you are in good health and good spirits.

We thought we’d let you know how the current coronavirus situation affects our service to you.

Just like you, we want to slow the spread of this terrible pandemic as much as possible so we are following all the Government guidelines on personal hygiene, social distancing and disinfection procedures as closely as we can.

For the time being, our admin staff are still working from their stores but are generally NOT available for any in store service or consultation.

Please DO NOT come into our stores unless you really have to or you have been requested to do so.

We are still offering the same friendly and excellent customer service that you have come to expect, but like many other businesses, we are doing it a little bit differently at the moment.

To find what you need:

Our new website is well and truly up and running these days so jump on there and have look. If you can’t find what you want, either contact us and we will find it for you, or check out the websites of the retailers who would normally supply the goods you are after and let us know what it is that you would like. We have always supported your community by buying locally when ever we can and nothing has or will ever change there.

Applications & Signing of the Rental Agreement

ALL applications are now done over the phone or electronically, which is the way it was always done for many of you in any case so not a big change there.

We have a new easy to use system where we can send you your Rental Agreement along with all the other paperwork and you just sign it on your own device and it comes back to us automatically.

Once signed, a copy of your signed agreement will also be emailed back to you so you have a copy for your records.
The system is easy to use, safe and secure.

Delivery of Rental Goods

Where ever possible ALL rental goods will be sent to you via our suppliers’ delivery service, by Courier or by AustPost.

Where rental goods are sent via our suppliers’ delivery service we will take advantage, at no extra cost to you, of the highest level of any unpack, rubbish removal or installation service which they offer. So no need to worry about installing your rental items yourself and getting rid of all that rubbish.

There may be times when we will have to deliver the goods ourselves or you may need to pick them up from us. When this is done, we will endeavour to keep contact with you to a minimum with all government guidelines strictly adhered to. All aspects of the application and the Rental Agreement signing will be done as outlined above.

Service of Rental Goods

Unfortunately, things are still going to break down, get broken or just not do what they are supposed to do.

We are still servicing all our goods, but once again we are reducing our contact with your as much as possible.

Most of our repair agents are offering various forms of pickup and delivery at the moment so we will be utilizing these services as much as possible and not doing as much pre assessment in your home as we would normally do.

We thankyou for your cooperation in this matter.
Please, stay safe, follow the rules and stay at home.

The Oze Rentals Team
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Rental Application & Agreement

This is the Rental Agreement Schedule referred to in the Rent Smarte Terms and Conditions as the Rental Agreement. The Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement and this Schedule form the Agreement between us. This Schedule contains important information including financial information about your Rental Agreement.


Ozerentals Pty Ltd ABN 82 115 782 333 Australian Credit Licence No. 437930 trading as Rent Smarte, of 20 Lampton Avenue, Derwent Park, Tasmania, 7009 (we or lessor)

Total Term: 12 Months months

Personal Details

Please supply 2 references of friends or family NOT living with you.
Reference 1.

Reference 2.

Please enter $0 in the fields that are not applicable to you

Please read and agree to our terms and policies

DATE: June 25, 2022

What's next

The next step is to provide a copy of your 90 day bank statement and MYGOV data. Apart from being a legal requirement, without this information we are unable to verify your affordability, suitability, identity and income. Please note that your application will be streamlined through our application process if this information is included. If for any reason you are unable to provide this information digitally please email

If, all documents are available and your application is approved you will be sent a deposit payment and direct debit authority and once received your items will be ordered / shipped to your address.

You will be redirected to a secure page to upload and submit your bank statement.

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