You can choose from Australia’s largest range of leading brands for home theatre, computers, white goods, household and outdoor living furniture, and even fitness equipment, using our innovative Choose, Call & Rent™ system. Find out more about how this system works.

A very small percentage of them are. However, we do not rent pre-owned products except under special, pre-approved circumstances (usually at a client’s request). All Descriptions, Terms, Conditions and Rates are for new products only.

No, there are no up front fees, deposits or charges, nor any advance rental payments.

You will deal personally with the franchise owner of your local Oze Rentals outlet. This is great because our franchise owners are directly invested in their clients, and go out of their way to make sure they provide the best customer service possible.

Yes. There are mandatory credit history checks for all new customers. Quick and easy. They are for your protection as well as ours.

We have a simple, yet highly regarded, Income and Affordability Assessment which helps to determine your comfortable level of commitment. We do take into account your credit history, but over time, we allow you to establish your own credit history with Oze Rentals. Our personal credit relationship with you is what matters most to us.

Our current payment methods include direct debit, bank Periodical Payment Authorities (PPA), cash, or government benefits.

Whether it is a short term situation, or maybe a bit longer, we can help. We understand that things can be difficult at times, so please give us a call. We have several arrangements we can put in place to help you through a tough period.

We use a streamlined application process which takes approximately half an hour to forty-five minutes over the phone, with approval usually determined the same day.

To complete your application process, you will need proof of income, personal identification, and names of five referees.

In most cases, delivery can be the same or next day. As long as you are approved, and have your paperwork, we are set to go!

Provided there has been no misuse or intentional damage, we service and maintain all goods absolutely FREE.

The Agreed Rental Period is an amount of time that you select to rent a product from us at a given rate. Once this period has elapsed, you may choose to continue renting the product, or return it. Also, at this time (as at any time) you may opt to purchase (buyout) the product from us.

No, each rental is a hire agreement. Although agreements can have a set rental period, there is no guarantee of sale at the end of the agreement, nor is there any buyout price determined prior to entering into the agreement. Under this agreement you may return the goods without penalty or ask for a buyout price at any time, which you may choose to pay at your discretion.

Yes, you may ask for a buyout price at any time. The price provided by us will reflect the value of the product to Oze Rentals.

We encourage all members of the general public to apply, including Government benefits recipients, Veterans’ Affairs recipients, and businesses including Not-for-Profit organisations.

Yes, you must be over 18 years of age in order to rent from us.

Yes. If you operate a business with a positive cash-flow, supporting regular operational expenses that are normally tax deductible, then you can apply. We also encourage Not-for-Profit organisations, representatives of the Health & Medical sector, as well as community, sporting and church groups to apply.

Yes, in most cases, but it is highly recommended you consult your accountant or tax advisor first to make sure.
Yes, all your personal details we collect are protected and kept private in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Delivery of your rental goods is provided FREE to a distance of up to 40 kms from your local outlet. Further than that, a small charge may apply.

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